What is WooCommerce? And how work it?

While you plan to make an eCommerce website to sell your products and services, you must think about a very well established customizable platform. If you do so, you are in the right place now. In this article, I will discuss what is WooCommerce. If I say something about woocommerce plugins free of cost, it may sound crazy. But in reality, it helps to gain your business like a magic spell.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an open source best eCommerce platform all over the world and a well furnished customizable eCommerce platform for the well-developed and entrepreneurs. This is the free platform where you have a priority to customize at your sweet will.

Initially, this platform was processed by WordPress and now is considered as the best eCommerce plugin for WordPress. It serves almost 26% of the whole web and regularly audited by Sucuri who is considered as the industry leader in security. Then you are assured to be in a good hand. WooCommerce is running on the strongest online platform or the largest content management system. And basically, integrates with the rich content as well as what you need is on the same platform.

One of the lovable features of WooCommerce is the usability of the WordPress Plugin. You can use the features you already love to use for your betterment. You are always welcome to sell your products with the use of WooCommerce WordPress plugin whatever they are Physical or digital marketing based.

Worldwide Community: The overall stores and the developers come from worldwide and they are probably from Norway to Japan. This platform was constituted from worldwide connections and basically, there are more than 350 contributors. The developers are at the heart of this platform.

WordPress as a platform: This free eCommerce platform was built in WordPress so that you can use all the features of WooCommerce in the same place that you already love. And Wp WooCommerce plugin is being used by the advanced level users.

Beautiful Stores: You can make a beautiful store where the customers can find their desired products very easily. You have full priority to pick up countless themes, unrestricted customization, built in blogging, embedded products, checkout, categories, tags and attributes, product rating and reviews, customization of location, product storing and filtering, unlimited images and galleries, unlimited products.

Is WooCommerce free: You have a priority to sell any kind of product at any time like Physical, digital, or both, affiliate products, unlimited variations, imported and exported products free of cost. You will get also payment processing system from the leading providers like Direct Bank transfer, Credit Cards, PayPal, Cash on delivery. It also provides you shipping options from where you can give your customers the options of pickup or local delivery. You can also add shipping rate here, Geo-location support, tax options. You, probably, got your answer about “Is woocommerce free?”.

Manage orders and customers as woocommerce support: it includes the option to manage customer accounts and guests check out, one-click refunds, inventory management, order management, email templates customization, adding shop managers.

Limitation: In a word, there is no limitation when you are already in this WordPress eCommerce platform because you get a full priority to manage and customize your products and you are able to add as many items as you want. You can also take unlimited orders. Optimization of a store and selling more products: There is an option from where you can complete the process of search engine optimization which is considered as SEO based. You will also get Coupons, related productions details. You can highlight important products throughout the store. There is also a reporting system dashboard etc.

Some Frequently question answers:
1. WooCommerce doesn’t host your products or any kind of information because it depends on your hosting package solution.
2. They support you via email about product purchasing and support from WordPress.org forums. They don’t support via phone call.
3. They don’t offer you one-on-one expert setup.
4. WooCommerce doesn’t include any kind of abandoned cart recovery.
5. WooCommerce supports international transactions as well.
6. They have more than 400 extensions as the apps which are available for WooCommerce store.
7. WooCommerce is totally mobile optimized or Mobile friendly as about 60% of the users are mobile users.
8. WooCommerce doesn’t take any fee for your any sale.

Additionally, they have a safe and secure online payment. So, still now if you are wandering to start your WordPress eCommerce business, make a website with WordPress. And then search for woocommerce WordPress plugin in the plugin section from the Dashboard. You will then, find yourself in the world of real business as well.

If you really want to build a WordPress woocommerce store you have to consider two things before setting up woocommerce plugins.

  1. Domain and Hosting: Domain and hosting is the key of the component before starting a woocommerce store. At first, have to take a domain and best hosting for your website setting. To get a clear idea you can read my previous lesson where is described best WordPress web hosting and how to choose the best hosting.
  2. WordPress Woocommerce Themes: Best WordPress woocommerce themes is another condition to make an impressive WordPress online shop.

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