What are The Fastest Woocommerce Theme?

Themes are the signifier of your eCommerce website. If your website’s loading speed is slow, you are probably going to lose your customers from your online store. In this regards, the fastest woocommerce theme helps you resolve the problem. And so, you have to use the best woocommerce themes for your wp Woocomerce business site.

Why use the fastest woocommerce theme

In this ultra-modern speedy time, nobody likes to count down for loading your website. They generally skip your store and enter into others. Not only to get a good speed score on Gtmetrix, Pingdom, Google page speed insight but also to get customers trusted you need to choose the right best lightweight woocommerce theme for your online store. Some themes are coded so heavily that it loads very late. And at that moment your customers flee from your site. However, below is a list of how to select the fastest woocommerce theme.

1. Before Buying a Theme: To get better result you may be thinking about buying a premium theme. But make sure about your business plan. If your woocommerce site is giving the only article, you may skip thinking about design and high hosting plan. But if you think to put some heavy business software and heavy coded items then you must think about good hosting. Because it matters while installing a fast woocommerce theme. To know more about best web hosting we encourage to read the best WordPress web hosting article.

2. Test the theme: There are some valuable website testers online. Before buying mobile first woocommerce theme make sure that your website is working well with the site fast tester like Gtmetrix, Pingdom and Google page speed insight. If your demo website has a quality score of speed then it is well enough to buy. In the fastest free woocommerce theme, you get a limited option to edit it. So, it is a good method to test the theme with online site tester.

3. Page size: Page size matters in this respect. The more your theme contains elements, the more your site is going to be slow. So, make sure that the average page size is in an average limitation. Some themes collect much more cache and cookies to your customer’s browsers which make the page size heavier. So, select the fastest woocommerce theme which generates less cache and cookies. Be alert to get support from the theme developer as well.

Most probably, the fastest pages include only 1 MB of data. If it goes beyond 2 MB per page, then definitely, you need a good hosting and caching for the fastest speed. So, make sure that though the theme looks very awesome, it must not be oversized. The fastest WordPress woocommerce theme you intend to buy must be optimizable.

So, my recommendation is to pick a theme which is not only tagged as the fastest woocommerce theme but also serves better. In this respect to choosing the best woocommerce themes, you need to make some research be wp woocommerce is something the turning point of your business. And if you fail to choose the fast loading woocommerce theme or best lightweight woocommerce theme, your dream is going to be ruined.

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