How to Pick The Best WordPress WooCommerce Themes for Your Online Store

WooCommerce is the king for making an online store that the best WordPress eCommerce platform. By using the woocommerce plugin you can easily change your WordPress website in an online store. But all the woocommerce store themes are not ready to fulfill your requirements. So, you need to choose the right one. In this entire article, I will be showing you how to pick the best WordPress woocommerce themes for your online store.

Before the start, an online store at first needs the fastest WordPress woocommerce theme. And the same time needs a hosting package. If you are not getting yet a hosting packages we recommended to Bluehost. To get more about best hosting read this best WordPress web hosting article.

Key components of the best WordPress woocommerce themes:

An online website gives you a digital view of the best woocommerce stores theme, shopping cart, checkout list, Payment gateway. Some WordPress woocommerce themes responsive are very attractive to look with thousands of options. It may proper for you. But you have to think about your visitor’s utility. However, in some e-commerce websites, products searching and buying is so tough for the huge amount of options.

What should you look for in the best WordPress woocommerce themes

Mobile Responsive: Some of the features are all the same in coding for every fastest WordPress woocommerce theme. But not all the themes are created with the same design. In that case, you have to find a theme which functions more according to your requirements. Mobile responsiveness is a crying need here because the users of mobile are on the increase. And you will be glad to hear that almost all the WordPress woocommerce themes are ready to serve in mobile. So, make sure your best woocommerce stores are compatible with mobile responsive.

Browser compatibility: Browser compatibility is another fact here. You have to be serious in this manner because some e-commerce themes hide some icon while buying the product to the customers like shopping cart icon. All should keep in mind that the visitors are of different platforms and different browsers. So, make sure to choose a woocommerce WordPress themes premium where the visitors find all the options visible.

Loading Speed: Slow loading of a website can destroy your dream as most of the visitors leave a website just for slow loading. You may think to have heavy products like songs, movies on your website. In that case, you have to choose a smart hosting plan and the fast loading woocommerce theme. Because, here, your theme has less priority than your woocommerce themes. But sometimes, you need to make sure that the theme you want to use for your online business is light coded and simple. If your theme is heavy coded and not responsive then, it is absolutely, not a good one.

So, Consider three major things before selecting the best WordPress woocommerce themes:
1. Blogging Utility
2. Customizer of the Designs in WordPress Customizer
3. Compatibility with all the browsers like FireFox, Chrome, Safari, etc.

An interactive and customizable shopping cart and branded Checkout
As we all know that there is a vast difference between WordPress woocommerce themes responsive and a regular WordPress theme. In a well-known shopping website, you will find the shopping cart tool very interactive. Some cart design shows as a pop-up icon which helps the customer to know how many items he selected to buy with the price easily at the same time. So, it needs no telling the importance of the interactive shopping cart.

The checkout option is a very amazing tool where you get your payment and by default in every best woocommerce themes WordPress, you get this option. But you have to dig in the code to customize it for a digital checkout icon. You need to make it very easy to complete the payment process. If it becomes very complex, your customer can leave your store at once.

Whatever best woocommerce themes WordPress you want to use to make the best woocommerce stores you should be conscious of the customization feature of the theme. Otherwise, you will have to use the default options that may go against your requirements. In this respect, my recommendation is that you may look for the WordPress shopping cart theme as well as woocommerce shop theme.

Premade and pop-up category and pages
When your customer clicks on a product link then, he might want to get the category or the pages on your website at the right hand. So, he wants to get the options easily. In this step, make sure that your theme is either giving you the popup category options, embedded pages like about us, Terms and Conditions, Sitemap, etc or not.

Product pages with stunning picture options
A product page is where your customer gets to know about the product. It should be simple with the clear image formate. So, make sure that your theme is giving the picture editing options like zooming, widen, etc. At the same time, there should be an option “Add to Cart” below of the description of the product. I am saying this because most of the customers want to buy products after reading the descriptions. And it will help to select the product immediately.

Product Reviews options
In most of the best woocommerce themes, there is no option for product reviews. I am sure that all of the online customers want to observe the rating and read reviews of any product. So, make sure that if there is an option to make the rating of the product or not.

Get in Touch option (email)
Make sure that your desired best woocommerce stores theme is giving the priority to create an email subscription option. When your online store will go viral, the customers will want to get in touch with new or upcoming products. It’s a great way to keep in touch with the real customers by using a WordPress webshop theme.

SEO Friendliness
SEO is a key component of any website. Some of the best woocommerce themes are coded in so complex that it cannot be indexed by the search engine. So, make sure that your WordPress woocommerce themes responsive website is coded lightly or not.

Social sharing Buttons
Some of your customers may want to share their loveable products on social media. It is not only for your customers benefit but also to get some real customers. But keep the main and important social sharing button like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. You can also create a facebook fan page. So, make sure that your theme is allowing you to use this kind of social sharing or Facebook fan page buttons.

These are the key components to choose the best WordPress woocommerce themes. Whatever WordPress webshop theme you use, make sure to get woocommerce support from the developer. As we know that woocommerce is a totally free plugin. But to enjoy the high featured web store themes, you may need to buy premium e-commerce WordPress themes.

We have followed all the rules which already mentioned at the top of this article to select the top best WordPress woocommerce theme for you. So, without a doubt, you can select one from below list for your eCommerce store.

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