How to use WooCommerce in WordPress and its ultimate guideline

Nowadays online shopping has become a daily activity. Because of this, the eCommerce website going to popularity day by day. If you are a newborn in this sector. Your most probable question is how to use woocommerce in WordPress. If so, you are in the right place. through this tutorial, I am going to show you why and how to use the WordPress woocommerce plugin. Have a cup of tea and keep reading accordingly. Haha!!

How to use WooCommerce in WordPress

Before integration WooCommerce you need a platform where you can use it accordingly. Yes, that is your hosting and necessarily, you have it already. That’s why you are here. Okay, but here is my one recommendation for you to choose a hosting company who gives you the priority to enjoy WordPress one-click-install. It will save time as well as it will be helpful for your further setup wizard. We commanded Bluehost. After finishing the installing process of WordPress properly, you just need to go to the WordPress Dashboard.

There are two ways you may use to complete the install woocommerce plugin.

• Downloading Process: In this process, go to Go to the plugin menu and search for woocommerce and then download it. From the dashboard click on Plugins > Add New > Upload. Then select the downloaded file. After uploading the plugin completely, manually activate it.

• Direct install and activate: In this process, you just need to go to the plugins page from your dashboard. In this page right side, you get a search box. Type here “woocommerce”. Then click to Install and activate it. By this activation, you have completed the basic of the best e-commerce platform.

Whatever process you choose, you will be shown a pop-up wizard to set it up as per your choice and need. To begin the setup process click on “Let’s Go!”. This is the step where you are put to make sure what is the toolkit you want to show through your eCommerce platform. There are several options to be added to the Shop, Cart, Checkout, My Account. then Click on “Continue”. This step will be done automatically by WooCommerce itself.

Locale set up
In this step, you are required to complete the process of some parameters. These parameters actually identify your business preferred units, origin and currency. After inputting all the parameters accordingly hit the “Continue” button.

Shipping Physical Products and Taxes
This step let’s check the box if you really want to ship your physical products. So, if you wish to ship then check the box as well. This is the most amazing feature of WordPress WooCommerce. Then comes tax and you are required to check the box if you want to charge sales tax. Check the box if you want that. Once you check the box you will be shown another option. In this step, you can keep the options as it is as the default functions of woocommerce support. Then hit the “Continue” button.

Payment Method
This is the most lovable step for everyone as well. Because everyone wants to make some money. However, you get several payment methods and PayPal is recommended. You may use it if you have a good idea of it. Before selecting any of the payment methods make sure that you integrate it with this site. One important matter is that you have to sign up for the payment methods site to work it well. Now it is your turn to click on “Continue” again. After clicking on continue you will be notified with a message box whether all have gone well or not. By completing the above-mentioned process you have made only empty settings for your products.

The very next step waiting for you to add some of your products. Adding products to the best eCommerce platform is very easy and interesting. It is a little bit different from the general blog posting. You will get an extra option in the left sidebar named as woocommerce that you got upon installing WooCommerce. After adding some products you might watch out if your settings permit the products to look better.

WooCommerce Theme Integration
It is believed that woocommerce plugin is compatible with all themes but I recommend you to select the best woocommerce themes responsive which are optimized for the WordPress woocommerce plugin. It is very easy to integrate woocommerce with WordPress woocommerce supported theme. It’s the best eCommerce software all over the world nowadays. To get premium and catchy looks we always recommend to use best premium woocommerce themes for your online store. Whatever theme you pick up for your business, my suggestion would be that you should use a user-friendly theme that is better suited for the products.

Customization the Shop Page
In the shop page setting, you are allowed to set up if you want to show the full-length description or not. Make sure that you have a sidebar as it will help to choose the category even wandering on the shop page. Here, you can also set up the related product showing pop-up. I recommend you to show the related product on the shop page because every visitors tend to jump into similar products.

Shopping Cart
A shopping cart is a basket where your customers keep their desired products to be checked out. You can manage your shopping cart setting by going to Dashboard > Pages. I recommend you to add only Product, price, quantity, total options here. You should not add too many options here as it seems very useless to the customers. These shortest options let the customer check out. So fun!!!

Checkout is the option where your customers look up how many products they are going to pay. This page will also show the billing address as well as the place order option. Now you just finished your cup of tea by completing the entire design of the woocommerce setup wizard along with the answer to the question of how to use woocommerce in WordPress.

My Extra Profitable Recommendations
To get a better result from the best eCommerce software you must use some of the valuable plugins like Yoast SEO, Yoast WooCommerce SEO Plugin, WooCoomerce Multilingual, UpdraftPlus, MonsterInsights, Social Share Buttons, W3 Total Cache. This was the best way about how to use woocommerce in WordPress.

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