How to Make The Best WordPress eCommerce Website – Step by Step Guide for Beginners (2019)

Online Marketing has become a buzzword and a part of our daily life. But while thinking of making a WordPress eCommerce Website, someone walks behind just because of the long process of building an online store. So, in this article, the beginners are most welcome because I am going to show you the process of making the best WordPress eCommerce website step by step.

Some Key Components of starting a WordPress eCommerce website:
Most of the beginners make some errors in the starting level. They hear a little bit about online business. Then without thinking about before and after they take the domain and hosting. After that merely start posting products on their website. Make sure that your idea is totally fruitless. Below is an appropriate listing for the beginners who really want to start a WordPress eCommerce website.

• Think about a niche product with low competition. Planning and brainstorming are must here.
• Research keyword for your domain name that goes with your product category.
• Keep a keyword that suggests your entire website
• Use keyword researching tool. Probably, the paid tool gives the best result.
• Visit the websites you want to make alike.
• Know the online marketing strategy.
• Moreover, keep yourself in touch with research for every step.

Below are the steps to follow for making the best WordPress eCommerce website.

1. Domain Name and Hosting Plan according to your business ideas: Domain name is a link through which your customers can visit your website to buy products. So, after researching the niche and domain keyword, the very first step is to buy a domain name from a domain provider. Here is our one recommendation that Bluehost is an awesome domain and hosting provider that has an ability to complete your entire requirements.
Keep your domain name short and very catchy. While buying a domain name make sure to get a TLD (Top Level Domain) like .com, .net, .info, etc. It will help you to rank better. Try to keep your business product name or a keyword related to your business in the domain name.

The next step is to take a hosting plan. From a hosting provider like Bluehost, you get many kinds of hosting plan. Here, you are allowed to take hosting as per your requirements. If your eCommerce website has heavy products and videos, then I suggest you choose the hosting having more space. Make sure that your hosting provider gives you much more bandwidth because, when your online store will go viral, the customers will eat up your bandwidth space. To get the more information you can read my best WordPress web hosting article it’s recommended for you.

2. Choosing a trustworthy business platform: Platform is where you put all your thoughts and products. There are some well-known platforms in the online market like Shopify, WordPress. In this article, my recommendation is to use WordPress as a CMS. WordPress is a platform where you can build your eCommerce website very easily. You will be surprised to hear that WordPress is totally free of cost. And without buying a domain and a hosting, you have not to pay money anymore to complete an eCommerce website. You can do all that with free themes and plugins. However, sometimes in WordPress, you will get stuck and then you need a developer or to buy a premium theme or plugin.

WordPress is very easy to use and customizable platform. You don’t need to be a good coder or website developer here. The beginners are welcomed here with a hopeful greeting. Our tutorial is enough for them to understand the basics of WordPress using. The WordPress eCommerce website is nothing more critical than a regular website. the eCommerce website has some more requirements only looks like a store. And to do so you need to have some eCommerce plugins and themes. So, one more thing I want to share. If you have a prior idea of using Blogspot blog, then it will be helpful for you to make eCommerce website.

3. Ecommerce plugins and storefront business themes: After setting up your business platform you need to transfer your WordPress site into an online store. To make this you just need to install a plugin called “WooCommerce”. Woocommerce is now the best plugin for the marketers whatever beginners or advanced level user. After installing this plugin you will get your website automatically completed and transferred to a business site.
WooCommerc gives the best use of using the facility Add to cart, Checkout, Payment gateway etc. By default, a setting is set here. You can change the settings later according to your requirements. Installing a plugin is very easy in WordPress. Look at the left side menu bar of WordPress dashboard. Click on Plugins and in the search box type “woocommerce”. Then install and activate the first result of the page. It will automatically work for you.
For WordPress eCommerce website you need to pick the best woocommerce themes. WooCommerce plugin works better with the woocommerce themes. You may use an eCommerce wp theme but to enjoy the overall facility you need to use woocommerce themes. Because there are much more customizable options in woocommerce. Sometimes, you may think about changing the design of checkout or add to cart button, in that case, you may have to pick a premium theme as well.

4. Use a catchy image in product page: Image is the heart of every online website. And for most eCommerce website owner using a clear, unique, fresh image is a must. The image should be of a good size. Your input image should be clickable and the image page should be in full width.

5. Fewer widgets make a good impression: You will find thousands of widgets on your WordPress website. But all are not necessary at all. Some widgets, as well as some plugins, are heavy coded. They are just perfect to make your online store slow speedily. And your customers come to your store to buy products, not for the colorful widgets.

6. Speed testing and a category widget: There is a major issue for the beginners and it is slow loading. If your site is loading slow then it is sure that you’re destroying your dream. And when you make your site super fast make sure to have a category widget in the sidebar. Because the customers tend to jump into the category. If they don’t find it accordingly they will skip your online store without buying the products.

7. Promote your products in social media: You created your WordPress eCommerce website and feel relaxed? After completing the above steps you have to promote your products. And for this purpose, social media is the best option because most of the online users use social media like facebook, twitter etc. Keep sharing your products and don’t forget to index your website in google.

8. Create a Homepage and Blog Page: Homepage is much more important because it shows the ability to serve the customers. It must look awesome. That’s why I suggest you use premium WordPress themes. You may also use some wp eCommerce themes. But make sure to have a customizable theme. A blog page is a place where your customers can learn about a certain product or any upcoming products. It also helps to show the rules and regulations of buying products indirectly.

At last, it needs no telling that wp woocommerce is one of the wp eCommerce themes. Whatever your business is you should use top eCommerce WordPress themes while using the WordPress platform. Below is a list of our recommendation:
• Bluehost for Domain name and hosting package
• WordPress as an Online platform
• WooCommerce plugin for online store
• eCommerce website WordPress theme

Now, we think that you have got a crystal clean knowledge about How to Make The Best WordPress eCommerce Website. If you feel you get the clear idea about the website from here. So, share it with your social accounts. Maybe your friend waiting for this article. Subscribe our youtube channel to get video tutorial and also join our facebook and twitter profile.

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