How to Choose The Best Web Hosting for WordPress?

Choosing the best web hosting for WordPress is the key component to start an online business. Sometimes, this option is overlooked by choosing a cheap web hosting that can damage your online business ultimately. Low-quality WordPress web hosting can also decrease your SEO ranking. There are various kinds of WordPress web hosting. In this article, I will be showing how to choose the best web hosting for WordPress.

What is hosting?
The very first question arises in the brain of the beginners is what is hosting. Hosting is an area where you can put your files in the disk space. It is something like buying a land to build a building. If you don’t own a land area, you are probably going to ruin your dream. And so, to make your business fruitful, you must check the pros and cons of the best web hosting company. You may be referred to buy from the top web hosting company or from any cheap website hosting company. But you must be alert when you are a user of WordPress. To choose the best WordPress web hosting is a good idea as it can be turned to manage a managed WordPress hosting.

Most effective and the best web hosting for WordPress with pros and cons:
Web hosting may have many kinds and they are like Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Virtual Private Server Hosting, etc.

• Shared WordPress Hosting: This is the most used managed WordPress hosting and very much popular. Basically, the general web hosting company provides this Hosting. The professional or the large sites must have some fixed rich features. But it becomes very expensive when you try to bring these kinds of features in your shared hosting. In this case, shared hosting is appropriate to them. Eventually, there is a low security for this hosting user as there are more than 10 clients connected in the same server. Besides, there is a limitation for using unlimited Database, email services, Bandwidth, etc.

• WordPress Dedicated Hosting: This hosting is much expensive than other hosting packages. If your website is larger and if you need powerful security, you need this hosting package. In this case, you need very powerful hardware if you want to run the busiest website. From the managed dedicated hosting service you will get your website with security, server setup, network configuration, installation service of any software. To get the above facility you need to pay them accordingly.

• VPS WordPress Hosting – Virtual Private Server Hosting: It is seemed to be sited in the middle of a Dedicated and shared hosting package. In VPS hosting, dedicated hosting is shared and distributed with some of the hosting users. Steps to choose the “best web hosting for WordPress” Before buying a hosting plan from a company whatever it is a cheap web hosting or top web hosting, you should make brainstorm about the steps. As you are a WordPress user, there is a lot of WordPress website hosting companies in the market.

But before buying a cheap WordPress hosting keep in mind to look for the below answers:

  1. Budget – Everyone must have a budget for which he/she can buy a hosting package. At the same time, to get good service with a low price you need to keep an eye on the price of hosting packages in the marketplace. Your budget must be accordingly and you should keep in mind that you will get service according to your budget. The minimum price of a dedicated server is about $150-500 monthly. But you want 50 GB space with only 2 dollars then you have to tolerate downtime, slow loading, etc.
  2. Disk Space – You have to choose the best woocommerce hosting rather than cheap WordPress web hosting if you want to launch your e-commerce website well. Because you have to put so many items here. In this case, you must think about your hosting disk space that how much space you need for your website. If you want to run a personal website which has only a few pages, you need only 50 MB as disk space. But if you think about a blog related website you need 200-500 MB. You will be required to have unlimited hosting if you plan to put songs, the movie on your website. Somebody buys 1-50 GB while only 100 MB is enough for him. So, think about your needs. So, I recommend starting with a mini hosting plan. One more suggestion, sometimes unlimited hosting plan becomes a trap. So, be careful about taking an unlimited hosting plan.
  3. Bandwidth – The page, songs, pictures, videos are downloaded in the reader's computer when they visit your page. In the initial step, 1GB Bandwidth is enough for a personal site. But if your website contains much more videos, songs, and pictures you probably, need unlimited bandwidth.
  4. Uptime/SLA Guarantee – Uptime is a very important factor for a website as your website will be active until the hosting server is active. This is important not only for the readers but also for the search engine optimization or indexing your pages. If any visitor comes to your website and observes that your website is not working, he or she will not surely come to your website again. Likewise, the search engine returns without indexing your page if there is an error with your website. Nowadays, every hosting company assures that they are active for 99.9% time but it is not possible to know the actual uptime of any hosting company. Search on Google but typing uptime after the hosting company name. Example –
    Bluehost hosting provider uptime”. You can also get some information like this in the term and conditions page of the company.
  5. Money back Guarantee – This is a common but important fact. Some company offers 30 days money back guarantee. So, before taking a hosting plan justify whether the company offers any money back guarantee or not.
  6. Entire condition of the company – You may know about the good or bad of a company by reading the user real reviews. Search on google by typing like “Bluehost hosting reviews”. You will get your answers. You will also have to know whether the company is using any illegal billing software or any legal software. You will be definitely hopeless if you from a hosting company who use illegal billing software.
  7. Support – Today support is a must for a website owner. If you have any problem with your server down and if you get the answers after 2 or 3 days, you will lose thousands of visitors. And if you are a reseller hosting provider then you will lose your trust of the clients. So, before buying a hosting plan you should know about the guaranteed support time and in which they support the customers. In this case, I recommend buying hosting from “Bluehost”. Its support system is just awesome.
  8. Hosting features – Sometimes, the hosting limitations are not clear in the hosting features. If you want to create SSP.NET you need windows hosting. It will not work in Linux hosting. They must be able to complete your needs. You may know the limitations of the terms of service page from the website of the company.
  9. Control Panel – Control panel is a place from where you can manage and edit your website easily. So, make sure if the hosting company is giving a free panel login or not.
  10. Server Load – You need to make sure about the server load of the hosting company if you are searching for the best woocommerce hosting. If the server core is 8 and the server load is more than 8, it is considered an overload. This kind of server loads slowly that may spoil your reputation to the customers.
  11. Emailing – It is an important chapter for managed WordPress hosting. You must ask your hosting provider if they have protection about the spam or email related service. If you face any error of spam, then make sure that your hosting provider is unable to serve you.
    You have to select the best web hosting for WordPress because WordPress gives you unlimited free features. You will be unable to enjoy the features if you use the cheapest web hosting. Cheap WordPress web hosting is dangerous for the beginners as it affects your server response time. Some requirements for WordPress Hosting
    WordPress is a very light-weight script. So, make sure that your hosting provider is giving the service of MySQL version 5.6 or greater and PHP version 7 or greater. The hosting company must give a one-click WordPress installation service. If you fail to fulfill the above requirements, you are going to destroy your dream. Low and cheap WordPress web hosting may damage your search engine optimization with the heavy and unknown script.

Recommendation :
Personally, I am a user of Bluehost WordPress hosting company. I have been enjoying the above- mentioned features for more than 3 years. You may search on google about Bluehost further information. Especially, I like their support system. Their team is always ready to give you an immediate solution. If they fail, for instance, they take a little while to complete the ticket. However, there are some cheap WordPress hosting and probably, the best web hosting company in the market. But my last suggestion is that you have to research the company to get the best web hosting for WordPress.

Congratulation, after the end of the article you have got the full idea about the best web hosting for WordPress. now you can easily choose for your website hosting which one is the best for your business. after reading this article if you think it is helpful for you so we request to share this content with your fans and social media. To be techy with us subscribe our youtube channel also follow our facebook and twitter to be updated.

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