How to Build an eCommerce Website with WordPress

Building an eCommerce website is a passion for Developer. But your dream of being a successful online marketer goes off if you are not well-known with the actual steps. In this content, I will be showing you how to build an eCommerce website with WordPress. WordPress is a totally free CMS which helps people to put thoughts and business products online. Let’s Start.

It is very common information that before starting an eCommerce online store you must buy a domain name and hosting package. If you do not yet choose a domain and hosting to know more about how to choose the best hosting company you can read my previously submitted best hosting content. After completing this process, you are on your website designing and functioning steps. You have to do the best online business store design to attract the attention of your customer. Here, a great mistake, a marketer does, is choosing an unknown platform. So, our first step is to choose a reliable and easy to use a platform.

• Choosing a good online store platform: an Online store platform is a place where you put your products in gridlines and do many more. There is some online platform to use for creating an online store. We recommend you to use WordPress as a platform. You may know earlier that WordPress is a free platform. And you will be surprised to know that you can handle your online store with the help of thousands of useful free plugin. And WordPress is very easy to use and ranks very faster than other CMS. The most effective utility is that you can use eCommerce website WordPress theme that gives you a good deal.

• Setting up WordPress: After buying your hosting package, you might get one-click install WordPress. Here the suggestion is very simple for you. Here, you are required to input your site address, title and create a password for your WordPress login. And the most important step is to set up your website SSL and HTTPS from the setting option of WordPress Hosting dashboard. After completing this process, you completed the basic steps of your WordPress setup.

• Setting up your eCommerce website using WooCommerce: In this step, you have full freedom to google for top eCommerce WordPress themes. And you may get a ton of eCommerce website theme. Also, you will get unlimited WordPress eCommerce website tutorial. But, here we recommend that Woocommerce is an effective tool to turn your thoughts and products into the online business. However, before enjoying the Woocommerce theme, you are required to install woocommerce plugins. It is as simple as installing other plugins.

Go to your WordPress Dashboard >Plugins >Add New. In the search box type “WooCommerce” then you will get woocommerce plugin at the top of the page. Install and activate it. At once, you can understand the effect because it will turn your website into an online store. Here, you just need to configure your woocommerce plugin as your own requirements. After installing the woocommerce WordPress plugin, you are allowed to use the best eCommerce WordPress themes to get a better result.

• Customization of the theme: Themes are something which helps to give a nice view of the products as well as the entire website. If you are a free theme user then, you are getting a limited amount of feature in the theme. And with premium woocommerce themes you get much more customizable options to enjoy the best eCommerce design.

• Adding products to your instant business website: The most loveable steps is to add some products though it is a test drive. Adding a product is like adding a post on the WordPress website. When you installed woocommerce plugin, it gave you an option to add your product to the left-side menu.
Click on the “Add Products” and give a description with a catchy image. There are some more options on the right side of the add product page. You may use them for having more functions on the product page.

• Enjoy the power of Plugins: Plugins work like a designer of your eCommerce business. Completing the above steps your online store is ready to launch. But you can use some useful plugins for galleries, sliders, etc by using top-rated WordPress plugins.

Hopefully, making an eCommerce website in WordPress is much more profitable than other processes. And with the interacting of WooCommerce plugin, you are probably going to achieve your dream very soon. So, here is our recommendation that to get an instant result WordPress and woocommerce should be the best choice for online marketers.

For your helping hand, we have included world top best premium eCommerce WordPress themes for your time savings. Below all are included themes are top ranked, easy to use, drag and drop system, unlimited features, compatible with woocommerce and many more. It can easy to build an eCommerce website without any previous experience.

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